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Maintenance Products
Han-D-Mag Tape Demagnetizer
Tape Head Cleaning Fluid
Long Stemmed Cleaning Swabs
High quality audiophile Han-D-Mag demagnetizer.  Protect your valuable recordings
with the best demagnetizer on the planet!!    Your audio tape will gradually leave its
mark on the heads in the form of a build up of magnetic flux.  This needs to be
removed electronically.  This unit erases that magnetic build up from your tape
heads.  Your highs will be bright and sharp again and you will have the full
spectrum of frequency in your recordings once again.  It is advisable to use monthly
or weekly.  
TIP:  We suggest demagnetizing every 8-10 hrs of use.  When in doubt
consult your owner's manual.
We teamed up with a world class solvent company and have developed our own
formulation of cleaning fluid.  A little goes a long way.  The controlled evaporation rate
gives maximum cleaning power with fast drying.  Formulated to clean audio tape heads,
tape guides, capstans and pinch rollers.  Will remove tape oxides, tape adhesives, soils,
oils, waxes, grease and other contaminants.   Unlike alcohol, our cleaning fluid
is non-hygroscopic, eliminating moisture or residue which can settle on components.  
Use tape head cleaning fluid to enhance frequency response, improve tape tracking,
shorten maintenance time and promote extended life and healthy texture to the pinch
roller.  Safe to use on all new and vintage recording equipment.  2 oz. Bottle.
Ideal for those hard to reach areas.  Each pack contains 100
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Image of long stemmed cotton swabs
Splicit Tape Head Cleaner
Tape Head Cleaning Kit - (Cleaner and Swabs)
A great combo!  Our professional tape head cleaning
fluid and 100 long stemmed cleaning swabs all in
one tidy package.  
Splicit Tape Head Cleaner
Image of long stemmed cotton swabs
Audiophile Han-D-Mag Tape Demagnetizer