Links Page

Here's a general listing of resources and information for reel to reel enthusiasts. If you have any addition, changes, corrections or suggestions, please feel free to let us know! - Great source for hard to find cartridges and needles for your vintage turntable.

Recording The Masters - Official website of Mulann Group. Everything you ever wanted to know about this great recording tape. Plus detailed information on pro tapes, semi-pro tapes, how to calibrate your machine, detailed analog tape history, development of their Kerwax Replica, a unique analog tube processor, and more.....

Vintage Electronics - Classic stereo equipment sales and service. The best selection of belts that we've seen anywhere for turntables, cassette and reel to reel decks.

Sound Recording Advice - This site is full of tips and FAQs for home studio setups with hundreds of useful links on equipment and supplies. "Sound Recording Advice, For the Home Recording Studio", written by John J Volanski is a thorouh guide for setups and a recommended buy.

Tapeheads Forum - Informative, fun and a great resource for general use, tips and techniques, equipment, music reviews, how and where to purchase, market pricing and more. All things analog, including vinyl and turntables, speakers, amplifiers and receivers along with everything else that helps to make for a complete sound system.

Bay Area Studio Engineering - - Servicing analog equipment since 1981 for repair, modifications and upgrades. Has a good selection of parts for Ampex, MCI, Studer and Otari plus some hard to find manuals.